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NovoTHOR is the ultimate relaxing, de-stressing and soothing spa experience. Reported benefits include: more vitality, less feelings of fatigue, a sense of relaxation, more enjoyable sleep, radiant skin and reduced signs of ageing.

Relax in the safe, cocoon-like atmosphere of this award winning whole body light pod while the restorative light tends to your entire body. Many people fall asleep while bathing in the warm red glow, and awaken with a new sense of tranquility and harmony with the world.

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Experience NovoTHOR

NovoTHOR is such a relief at the end of a hard week. Alternatively start the day with a morning session, that leaves you feeling strong, serene, and in control to face whatever life has to throw at you. If you play a competitive sport try NovoTHOR before training and notice how your game improves. Relax in the NovoTHOR after the game to wind down and rejuvenate. Perhaps you've been feeling your age lately, the years are making you slow, you wake up stiff, weak, and your skin is losing it's vitality. Try 15 minutes bathing in a cocoon of red light at the end of the day, then see how you feel when you wake the next day. Regular sessions could help reduce the feelings and other signs of ageing.

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